Civic Sense - The Nation Builder

We the human beings are the social animals. And the society expects each one of us to have some sense of respect for the needs of society. To me this sense of respect for society needs is Civic Sense. When you have more population with greater civic sense in the society you have great nation & bright future always.

Now let us see the few basic actions which elaborates the society needs

1. Respect the laws of the land.
2. Keep your surroundings neat & clean.
3. Respect the queue.
4. Respect the elders & women.
5. Discourage the anti social activities like dowry & corruption....
6. Be your own morale police.
7. Respect handicapped friends.
8. Respect the value of time.

This list could go on & on but I think you can understand what I mean. Since I am from India I know we have to go a long way in this direction. And one should always try to improve. I firmly believe that every thing starts from you.

Some of my personal observations are listed below

· It can be taught at early stage of a child.
· It differs from cultures to cultures & communities to communities.
· Self discipline & civic sense go hand in hand.
· Education & civic sense has no direct relationship.
· You will enjoy more where you find such societies.
· In India I will rate Goa as a number 1 in civic sense & Pune as a last.

Now I hope you will agree with me if you want to live in prosperous & healthy society & a great nation. Some of the simple actions each one of us can take are

Start from self.
Be a role model to your children.
Be upright to fight anti social elements.
Respect elders, women & handicapped friends.Follow queue even if you don't like.

So let us start without wasting any more time.

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