Single Parents Pursuing Higher Education Should Seek Out Scholarships And Grants

Some of the people who might benefit the most from a college or university degree are probably also those who believe they are the least likely to have the time, money or energy for it. There are, however, online degree programs - and scholarships that can be applied to them - that might make a college or university degree more of a reality for single parents.

Single parents aren't alone in their struggle to make ends meet. There are many people these days who find it difficult to survive only on one income; however, there are single parents who struggle to find the time to work in the first place and, when they do, they then have to share that income with a child who needs balanced meals, vitamins and doctor and dental care. These individuals might find scholarships based on financial needs especially suited to their situations.

Grants, like scholarships, also are provided based on financial needs - particularly when they're offered by government agencies. The federal Pell Grant, one of the best known government grants, is designed for students with extreme financial needs, and some single parents might be among them. To obtain government grants and scholarships, students typically first complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is available online.

Large corporations, professional associations, non-profit foundations and civic and community groups also make scholarships available to those with financial needs. Online college and university courses and online degree programs are offered in a variety of subjects for those interested in applying their scholarships to flexible programs of study. With Internet access, students participating in online courses and online degree programs obtain coursework and file assignments remotely.

Coursework and assignments in online college and university classes are provided in audio, video and text format, and students are able to interact via message boards and other technological offerings. Parents in online courses and online degree programs are able to schedule studies for when they're not working and when the children are asleep or participating in extracurricular activities. Paying for these college and university pursuits with scholarships helps to make higher education more affordable for these parents, leaving them with less debt to repay after graduation.

Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that earnings and job security tend to increase with the level of an individual's education. With that in mind, parents without a college or university degree might find themselves better able to support themselves and their children in instances where they obtain a college or university degree - and especially in instances where they obtain those degrees with help from scholarships or grants.

In addition to speaking with financial aid advisers and department heads at colleges and universities that interest them, single parents might turn to online resources in their search for scholarship assistance. There are websites that deal with just scholarships that can be accessed through the many recognized search engines. The US Departments of Labor and Education and the non-profit College Board also offer online opportunities to search for scholarships.

Some scholarships might be specifically intended for single parents. For the most part, they are accepted by many colleges online. Mord often, they're intended for specific needs, certain studies and for women and minorities who tend to be underrepresented in certain fields. It's likely that parents who are in search of scholarships and grants for college will fit into one of these categories. This might help them improve their lives and the lives of their children.

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